TOP 10 Men Wand Attachments

Did you know you could make your Hitachi Magic Wand Massager or other wand massager a little more fun easily with Men Wand Attachments? These popular massagers are compatible with some great wand attachments for men like the best selling Wand Essentials P-spot Wand Massager Attachment for Men, the Humming Bird Wand Attachment, the Vibra Cup Masturbator Wand Attachment and popular Magic Wand Attachments Hand Held Personal Massager Accessories. We sorted through the best wand attachments for men and found the top 10 rated wand accessories for males to give yourself an exciting time. So let’s get started with the Top 10 Men Wand Attachments:


Gee Whiz Wand AttachmentGee Whizzard Magic Wand Attachment for Men

This beautiful attachment is hand poured, so the color variations can really be stunning and makes each of them different colors! Made from 100% Platinum Grade Silicone but also Phthalates free, Hypo-allergenic, Non-toxic and Non-irritating, this accessory is great and compatible with the  Adam & Eve Magic Massager or the Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s super easy to clean because it’s boil able as well as bleach-able.

The Gee Whiz Men Wand Attachment penetrates deep inside your body to provide strong vibrations and give your orgasms with depth. Perfect to hit your G-Spot with ease, it will certainly please males and females users. Now with a new textured dome feature, it’s also fantastic for clitoral stimulation for your wife or girlfriend during bedroom play. This is one of the most comfortable, versatile, safe and effective tool for pleasuring guys ever made!


P-Spot Men Wand AttachmentP-Spot Wand Attachment for Men by Wand Essentials

Curved just the right way, this Prostate stimulator wand attachment will fit perfectly on the head of your wand massager. Compatible with most wands available, this affordable wand accessory great for anal penetration and stimulation of the prostate. Wand Essentials is a company that has had a long history of making some of the best sex toys and vibrators in the world and this P-spot men wand attachment is no exception.

The two intense mode of stimulation will vibrate and massage your prostate spot with it’s length of 3.25 in and girth in diameter of 1.25 in, it’s sure to please even the most demanding of guys. This top rated accessory will fit most standard size wands, so compatibility is a no brainer. The sensual curve will feel fantastic inside you.


Hummingbird Wand Attachment for MenHummingbird Wand Attachment by Trinity Vibes

As the world’s most popular wand attachment for men, the Hummingbird Wand Attachment is compatible with the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager as well as other models of massagers on the market. Just fit it on the tip of your wand massager and insert into the tube for amazing excitement.

The strong vibrations of the magic wand will certainly turn you on in no time at all. Easy to clean as well as durable the Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator Attachment for men measures 3.25 in X 1.25 in so it will fit comfortably on almost anyone. Guys you will love this one as it’s one of the Top 10 men wand attachments available on the planet!


Hitachi Magic Wand MassagerHitachi Magic Wand with Linear and Shibari Arch Men Attachments

As the world’s best massager, the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250 is also the most popular wand massager int he world. Sold for more than 30+ years as a personal body massager, this unique and powerful wand has been well known by women and men as a super strong sex toy and wand vibrator. This great combo pack gives you the linear wand attachment tip as well as the Shibari curved wand attachment. This high quality wand massager will deliver powerful vibrations to your private parts making orgasm in seconds!

With such an affordable price the Hitachi wand massager HV-250R is the ideal gift for you girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. The Shibari Arch and Linear attachments can be used by males and females. Guys will certainly appreciate how deep it can perform anal penetration during masturbation. You will want to recommend it to all your friends due to the great build quality of this product and long lasting satisfaction. This personal massager plugs in the wall, so that you never run out of batteries like other wands.


Blue Aster Men Wand AttachmentBlue Aster Wand Attachment for Guys

Wand Essentials makes some of the top rated wand attachments for men, and this one is no exception. It will quickly become one of the best selling wand accessories for guy around im sure. Aesthetically pleasing with it’s classy and bright blue color, this accessory will enhance the use of your wand massager if you are a man. Moulded from flexible TPR material, it means that it’s easy to clean, soft and will last you from years to come.

Perfect as a gift for you boyfriend or husband, the Blue Aster attachment is fun to use at any time of the night or day for instant pleasure and satisfaction. Providing additional stimulation, this tip will fit on many compatible massager wands for sale on the internet. The 3.25 inches of insertable shaft, is long enough to penetrate deeply inside your hole to deliver a blissful experience.


Deep Glider Wand Attachment for MenDeep Glider Wand Massager Attachment by Wand Essentials

If all you want is to get off fast and deep, tun the Deep Glider Men Wand Massager Attachment is probably for you. I can be used by females and males. The bulbous tip is great for G-Spot stimulation as well as penetrating deep anally. You can use it easily by just slipping it on the top of your favorite electric wand massager as it will fit most of them including the Wand Essentials Multi Speed Body Wand Massager and the Wand Essentials AD103 Ultra Powerful Multi-Speed Wand Massager.

Turn your wand into an insertable vibrating sex toy with this accessory. It measure 5.25″ in length which 4 of those insertable and 1.75″ in diameter at widest point to provide a thick insertion path. Also perfect for P-Spot stimulation, which is great for guys that want to massage their prostate while they masturbate. Take this Deep Glider attachment on your next adventure and you won’t be disappointed!


Vibra Cup Wand AttachmentVibra Cup Masturbator Attachment for Men

With it’s supple and starchy material, this high quality, soft is the perfect companion to your wand massager  if you are a guy. The plush stroking fingers in the interior create a sensual feeling of excitement when placed of the tip of your penis. This best rated wand accessory for men is compatible with medium and large size wands. The Vibra Cup by Wand Essentials is ideal to use with the powerful Hitachi Magic Wand Massager HV-260.

The vibrations from the wand will transfer to this attachment as you stroke back and forth. The stroker cup measure 3.38″ long and 2.37″ in width. It’s easy to use and comfortable as it’s made from high quality TPR material, which makes it long lasting as well as easy to clean. This stroker is not only one of the top rated attachment for men will be really gratifying during your solo endeavour. As one of the most original and best selling wand attachments for men, this Wand Essentials Vibra Cup accessory is perfect for any man that wants to enhance their pleasure at any time of the day or night.


Lifelike Dildo Wand Attachment for MenLifelike Dildo Wand Attachment for Men by Wand Essentials

If you like being penetrated by something with girth and thickness, this popular 6.5 inches Dildo wand massager attachment for men will probably satisfy your greatest desires. Yes it can also be used for girls, however guys will enjoy how realistic this toy looks. By placing this on the top of the head of your vibrating massager, turn it into a fantastic insertable pleasure tool.  It fits on most standard size wand massagers, so it will be compatible with pretty much any model on the market such as the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R.

This dildo wand accessory has a big, thick shaft to satisfy even the most demanding of guys out there. The shaft will carry the powerful vibrations straight into the dildo to provide great sensations. Easy to clean, the plastic is dishwasher proof, and is made of high quality material. Some people might say that it’s a bit big to insert, while some other will like the girth and how huge it is and feels when inserted inside your holes. This accessory is definitely one of the Top 10 men wand attachments money can buy!


Bird of Paradise Wand AttachmentBird Of Paradise Wand Massager Attachment for Males

With this one, you can just slip the attachment over the head of your massager and enjoy the powerful sensations it delivers. Perfect for guys and girls, it will easily reach your G-Spot as it’s curved just the right way. It’s compatible with all popular wand massagers, and the high quality materials make it long lasting as well as super easy to clean.

If you are after a sensual, erotic time, this is the perfect toy for you! With a length of 5.5 inches, which 3.5 inches of those are insertable, it goes deep enough, providing a blissful experience. The Bird of Paradise attachment will be a great addition to your toy collection. It’s firm, sleek and hassle-free to clean, so using it multiple times a day should not be a problem at all. If you a re looking for one of the most popular and best selling wand attachments for guys, try this one you won’t be disappointed.


Other Popular Men Wand Attachments:

Some other very popular attachments for men includes the G-Spotter Pop Top Deluxe Wand Attachment, Vibratex White G-Spot Wand Attachment but also the Jollies 100% Silicone Curved Wand Attachment. If you look hard enough on internet shops you will find that many of these top rated wand accessories can also be found under different brands and names such as the Mystic Wand Attachment by Vibratex,  Miracle Massager Attachment Accessory by California Exotics, Tri-Gasm Wand Attachment, as well as the Male Masturbation Wand Massager Attachment. Extending the capabilities of your massager is now easy and a very popular thing to do by guys and girls. If you are a fraternity guy or even a sorority girl, some of these fantastic add-ons for your wands will certainly please you and you friends, specially as gifts.


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